The Milanov Method is characterized by its simple and intuitive structure.

The students start by listening, singing and dancing songs that are later imitated by ear with the violin.

Each song is wisely thought to encompass a very precise task and represents the essential preparation for the next one.

Es oportuno bailar las canciones antes de tocarlas, lo que ayudaría a interiorizar la rítmica; y después entonarlas expresivamente, para que el niño pueda conseguir un sonido de buena calidad.

Often, the melodies are repeated, presenting variations that lead the child to progressively increase his or her abilities until mastering an increasingly complex musical material.

We start from the basic belief that children, by nature, ignore the meaning of difficulty. So advantage is taken of this premise to present to the student from the beginning all the violin playing technical demands needed to perform.

For example, the child can, from the first songs, play anywhere on the fingerboard, giving up the habit of learning through positions, a process that can sometimes be long and boring.

In addition, the children learn the tones by guiding themselves from their ears and from the tonal relationships they have previously internalized. They listen to the music in their heads, become aware of the place these sounds occupy in the tonal map and learn to locate them on the instrument.

The teacher limits his role to guide and support this path instead of correcting. The student takes an active part in his learning an develops his own critical attitude.

Basic Exercises

These exercises belong to the first book and are an essential part of the method's learning process.

Sencillos y eficaces al mismo tiempo, representan el “entrenamiento” cotidiano con el cual empezamos cada clase de violín. Duran solo pocos minutos, pero abarcan todos los movimentos básicos que un joven violinista necesita dominar a principio de su carrera. Esta era la costumbre en las clases de violín de Trendafil Milanov, en Bulgaria:  así lo es en nuestras escuelas de música, aquí en Madrid.


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