The new way to teach and learn violin

Are you a teacher looking for better ways to work with young children? Do you want to improve your students' results? Are you looking for more enjoyable and fun ways to teach violin?

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From 4 years old!

You will learn how to approach violin teaching with very young students, starting at 4 years old!


Songs instead excercises!

You will teach advanced violin technique through english songs and short games.


Let's explore the fingerboard!

Your students will play from the very beginning in all keys and positions. No boring  exercises ever!


Results guaranteed!

You will see how your students progress quickly while enjoying the process!.


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Books are included!

Great Offer

Still haven't seen our books*? They are full of songs, beautiful illustrations and violin technique explications.

They are a must-have!


*Value of the three books: 90 euros. Shipping is not included.

Who is Milanov?

Trendafil Milanov

Trendafil Milanov is the creator  of this great method. He was a brilliant pedagogue looking for extraordinary results. Thanks to his method many of his students would go on to occupy important seats in some of the best orchestras around the world.


Yova Milanova

Yova is the granddaughter of Milanov. She is a concert violinist, and a passionate violin teacher.  Her goal is to help spread the method around the world.


The whole family

The Milanov family is famous: the daughters of Milanov are world-known concert violinist and concert pianist: Stoika and Dora Milanova.

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Our intensive course

The intensive course takes two days, 2 hours each. You can choose the days and the times that work best for you. There is a 6 month unlimited online support after the course.

The cost is 300 euros, books included!

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